Ramadan 2022: What to know about the month of fasting observed by Muslims worldwide

The evening of April 1 denotes the start of Ramadan, the 10th month on the Islamic blessed schedule

Ramadan saw by Muslims all over the planet as a month of petition, fasting and local area.

The blessed month starts and finishes around the bow moon, an image utilized in Ramadan enrichments.

This year, Ramadan will start on the evening of April 1 and will end on the evening of Sunday

The Islamic heavenly month spins around the sickle moon, starting Friday with the "Ramadan" moon

meaning the finish of the Islamic month of Shaban and the start of the Ramadan month.

Noticing Ramadan every year is viewed as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

During Ramadan, Muslims noticing the everyday quick being with a dinner before day break called the suhur

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