Jessie Diggins has created history by winning a silver medal for America in the 30 km freestyle race.

Recently Jessie Diggins has got rid of food poisoning by fighting. And he has also told what happened to her.

Taking the silver medal in cold conditions, she said that ;might have been the best race of my entire life;

Along with that and she  was also said that I’m born in a small place where there’s a lot of wind and a lot of cold temperatures in the region.

You will be surprised to know that she was admitted to the hospital after food poisoning. She didn't cry even for a moment at that time.

After winning the silver medal from the Olympics, she also said 'Every last drop of energy went into that race'

I was talking to my parents and my mom said, ‘Don’t decide how you feel right now. Just go out there and ski because you love to race.

she created history not only for America but in the whole world by winning a silver medal in the Olympics

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