Jennifer Lopez has always been a stickler for honesty.

It's evident in her songs, like as "Same Girl" from 2014, "I'm Real" with Ja Rule, and "Jenny From the Block," her defining hit.

In the latter, a Bronx girl makes a solemn promise: "No matter where I go," she says.

"I'm aware of my origins." It's been given to her in her cinematic roles as well.

Many of them are rags-to-riches stories that highlight both her street smarts and her determination.

"Maid in Manhattan," "Second Act," and, most recently, "Marry Me" are all films with unparalleled glitz.

So the possibility of her Netflix all-access documentary, "Halftime," excites her.

which premiered on the streamer today and inaugurated this year's Tribeca Film Festival

Broken egos and rage over a star's inability to win an award are never spoken openly in Hollywood's back alleys.

It's the talk of the town at For Your Consideration lunches and cocktail events.

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