The Best and Worst of Jerrod Carmichael's Hosting Debut

The current week's "Saturday Night Live" saw humorist Jerrod Carmichael venture into the facilitating tough situation

Normally, this proceeded with this period of "Snl's" amazing dash of first-time hosts

Carmichael spent his speech talking around the Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscars contention

But things are different now, both with the previously mentioned HBO standup extraordinary and the way that Carmichael authoritatively emerged as gay

It's a receptiveness and trustworthiness that one could envision would illuminate Carmichael's job

As far as "Snl's" treatment of the Smith/Rock circumstance, Carmichael's talk went the course of not in any event, saying any names whatsoever

A Strong Monologue from Jerrod Carmichael Can't Save a Middling Saturday Night Live

I was at that point extraordinarily energized for Jerrod Carmichael to have Saturday Night Live

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