Liza Minnelli, Lady Gaga warm hearts amid chaotic Oscars night: Watch the tender moment

Amidst a turbulent - and momentarily fierce - Oscars service, one second from the transmission is causing ripple effects via online entertainment in a positive manner.

That second was the delicate trade between Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli, who showed up close by the "Place of Gucci" star

At the point when Minnelli seemed to battle with the pieces of paper she was holding and mumbled "I don't get it," Gaga effortlessly helped her

saying "I got it" and taking the melodic theater symbol by the hand.

"Goodbye. You know how I love functioning with legends," Gaga started.

Also, I'm respected to give the last honor of the evening a valid, the big-time legend.

Liza gave off an impression of being uncertain as she introduced an honor finally night's Oscars, however Lady Gaga had her covered.

Lady Gaga helps Liza Minnelli in admirable display of friendship at the Oscars: ‘I got you’

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