What is aphasia? Bruce Willis is 'stepping away' from acting after diagnosis

The entertainer's family said he was as of late "determined to have aphasia, which is affecting his mental capacities."

Bruce Willis' choice to end his acting vocation of over forty years after a new aphasia determination

Aphasia portrays a neurological condition that influences an individual's capacity to convey verbally or through composition

It influences an expected 2 million individuals in the United States, and almost 180,000

Bruce Willis' girl, Rumer Willis, said the condition has affected her dad's "mental capacities."

Therefore and with much thought Bruce is backing away from the vocation that has implied such a great amount to him

The most widely recognized reason for aphasia is cerebrum harm from a stroke, however it can likewise emerge because of a head injury

Bruce Willis' family didn't offer insights regarding the reason for his aphasia.

Aphasia is brought about by harm to at least one region of the cerebrum that arrangement with language, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health.

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