Rishi’s accident Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update for August 24, 2022 Rishi’s mishap Lakshmi is taken to the jail. She breaks and sobs. Neelam is confronted by Shalu over her lack of support for Lakshmi. She claims that Neelam should have been Lakshmi’s mother and supporter, but Neelam never did. As a result, she has now forbade anyone from assisting Lakshmi.

Neelam opposes Virender and Ayush helping Lakshmi at the police station. Ayush and Lakshmi have a disagreement. He requests that Karishma recognise the fact that Lakshmi was powerless. She claims that they have suffered a great loss as a result of Lakshmi. He responds that she is benefiting from the arrangement, thus there is no loss. Karishma smacks Ayush fiercely.

While rushing to get to the airport, Rishi has a car accident. Lakshmi becomes concerned when she realises Rishi is in danger. Will Rishi be secure and make it home in time to save Lakshmi? Go on reading.

Lakshmi claims that she did nothing earlier in the broadcast. She is told not to worry by Ayush. She is opposed to going to prison. She begs him to save her as she sobs. He expresses regret for being unable to save her. She requests that he call Rishi. He promises to contact Rishi.

Lakshmi yearns for Rishi. To go to the airport, Rishi runs along the road. Ayush is stopped by Neelam from dialling Rishi. She expresses her want to speak with the entire family. Malishka is aware of Neelam’s likely response to the news that Lakshmi won’t return home. Neelam claims that this time, no one will be able to save Lakshmi. She makes a decision that surprises everyone.

The family has lost respect for Lakshmi, Neelam informs them. Virender warns that if they don’t preserve Lakshmi, their bahu, the family’s reputation will be tarnished. Neelam counts the family as one of her friends. She claims that she has worked hard to uphold the family’s honour and that she will not put up with Lakshmi bringing shame upon the family.

No one will be able to save Lakshmi, she claims. Virender warns that failing to save their wife will make the situation worse. She claims that Lakshmi is not their wife but rather a problem, a curse, and terrible luck for them. She requests that he try to save the company instead of trying to save Lakshmi. Shalu hears Neelam when he gets home. Lakshmi should be held accountable for the incident, according to Neelam, and she can never be her bahu.


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