Burner account breaks the news about Woj and Shams on Ime Udoka

 Ime Udoka, the Celtics' head coach, could be suspended
 Ime Udoka, the Celtics’ head coach, could be suspended

With no club owner being forced to sell after years of unruly conduct finally reached a breaking point, the NBA world was experiencing a reasonably calm day by recent standards.

Then, at 10:35 p.m. Eastern time, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN did as he frequently does: he dropped a bomb on Twitter that sent the sports industry into a true frenzy.

That is JUST ambiguous enough to spark quick, widespread conjecture about the specifics of Ime Udoka’s organizational policy infractions. Woj didn’t provide much additional information, but his overall outline of “job not in risk” but “strong disciplinary actions on the table” led to some apparent inferences, as did the fact that there weren’t any unexpectedly flashing court records across Twitter.

Shams Charania reported that Udoka’s wrongdoing was a consensual relationship with a staff member around 12:50 AM Eastern.

Of course, many people who came to this conclusion in the wake of Woj’s tweets (and the ESPN.com post) appeared to be right on the money, and the conflicting reports add another chapter to the illustrious Woj vs. Shams rivalry. If Woj and Shams aren’t posting anything, then no one would be more connected than those two reporters, give or take an occasional Brian Windhorst dramatic speech.

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