A Shocking Confrontation Devastates Critical Role Fans. #CriticalRoleSpoilers

A Shocking Confrontation Devastates Critical Role Fans. #CriticalRoleSpoilers
A Shocking Confrontation Devastates Critical Role Fans. #CriticalRoleSpoilers

Fans are in disbelief following a frightening confrontation that occurred in the most recent episode of Campaign 3 on Critical Role that left the Bell’s Hells in terrible shape.

Fans are still in disbelief following the shocking confrontation with Bell’s Hells newest foe in the most recent episode of Critical Role’s third campaign.

While following Armand Treshi, the group headed to Bassuras, an industrial city in the Hellcatch Valley badlands, where episode 33 resumed the exploits of Bell’s Hells. Under the guise of an odd attack on Bassuras, the team infiltrated Treshi’s fortress; however, as they fled, they came upon Otohan Thull, an Echo Knight mercenary who had featured in Imogen’s enigmatic nightmares.

Thull’s echoes were strongly hinted to be at blame for the attempt on Keyleth’s life before to the campaign’s launch by DM Matt Mercer during the ensuing battle, making the mercenary the one who killed Orym’s husband, Will. The episode ended with Orym and Fearne dead and Laudna with one death save left due to Thull’s menacing Echo Knight skills and legendary actions. Just as they were about to call it a night, Thull did something to heighten the tension that somehow awakened Imogen’s dormant psychic abilities, unleashing an incredible magical burst that seemed to bring down everything around her.

The episode received a passionate fan response. Many people expressed their sorrow on Twitter since Fearne and Orym were two of the seven well-known party members who were most loved. Most people thought that this was one of the most startling and tragic episodes in the entire run of Critical Role, despite some quick to point out that not everything was lost because FCG can still use Revivify on Fearne, who can then use the same technique on Orym.

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